Our unique, innovative technology allows you to make nearly any designer's vision a reality.

Fire, smoke, liquid flow and other eye catching effects can be imitated, making the D-sign perfect media for delivering high impact advertising message for alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and other products at POP (point of purchase), HoReCa, Bars, promotional activities etc.

Image, Motion, Impact, Style

Nearly any eye catching visual effect is now possible:

  1) Fast or gradual appearances or disappearances of any part of
  your image or text, to ensure right accents to your advertising

  2) Gradual or fast changing color of any part of the image,
  background or text, to drive maximum customer's attention
  and to stand out from the crowd.

  3) Imitation of fire, smoke, liquid flow and other life like eye catching
  visual  effects to bring life and motion to your add.

  4) Appearing of images and text out from completely black surface.

  5) Animation by lighting objects or elements at different stages of

Our team of designers, engineers and logistics specialists will help you to make your sign go all the way from brand manager's vision and designer's computer screen to advertising location.

Special offer: we offer our classic elegant frameless crystal light panel of standard A1, A2, A3, A4 sizes, powered by d-light with all lighting effects available.

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